Bruno Curassier

Domaine de la Grange, Le Clos Mabille 2016

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Structured and Generous Dark red color. Scents of ripe red cherries lifted by violets. The supple attack precedes a generous fleshy taste with silky tannins. Vegan wine: using tangential filtration. Only Celerier's Cellar sells this wine in the USA.  

10 to 40-50 years old
Certified HVE. Guyot Poussard pruning (1 baguette, 7 eyes, 1 courson 2 eyes), vine shoot chipped into natural fertilizer, mechanical plowing (end of April), tying up on stake (May-June), sexual confusion to prevent parasite on vines, non systematic organic intervention for preventing disease (organic Bordeaux mixture bordelaise), debudding by hand to control yield and concentrate nutriments in fewer buds (May), Tying up again (may-june), another debudding and trimming, leaves removal (2 last week of June) right after the begining of fruits apparation (fruits are more resilient to sun burn this way, it bring also better aeration to keep them dry and prevent rot and better tannin concentration in reds). Meanwhile, the whole time, Bruno and his team spend a lot of time to plow the soil so there is no weed while fruit maturing. Harvest are both done mechanicly and by hand. After removal of the leave, green harvest (early July) and regular harvest are also done by hand. Recently, because of global warming, Bruno applies negativz harvest by removing by hand before the harvest all grappes that are over heat and would bring unbalance to his wines.
destemmed, cold maceration pre fermentation at 5-8ôC, tannins extraction via pump over and rack and return before Alcoholic fermentation. It prevents tannins to disolve. Must are divided between terroirs and grape varietals. When alcoholic fermentation starts at cold temperature, pump over are reduce to only once a day on small quantity of the must. Intervention are adapted. Adapted intervention. Alcoholic fermetnation are maintained between 22-24ôC. The last 1/3 period, Bruno let the Alcoholic fermentation risen up to 30ôC to get more concentration and stop the temperature control for the last 72 hours. Malolatic done almost at the same time between cuvee by transfert of lees. It helps maturation to go at a similar pace. Clos Mabille mature in tanks for 12 month and is usually bottled in September-October. Tangential filtration (vegan) prevents contamination by Brets and clarify before bottling.
Red blend
Cabernet Franc 50% - Malbec 50%
1,500 cases
Loire Valley
Summer 2015 brought a bit of challenge on the vines. The high humidity and warm weather created more maintenance and reactivity to get rid of rot on clusters. The end of summer was ideal for harvest and alowed perfect confditions to harvest and vinified. Excellent vintage that was the start of several warm vintage.
Touraine, Loire Valley, France
Clos Mabille parcel is located on the Cher river's left bank. Old Malbec and Cabernet Franc vines born from graft originated from this parcel for over 150 years. No clone, same DNA as before Phyloxera. Silty clay and limestone with gret water retention.

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