Quentin and Vincent Joussier

Domaine De L'Eveche, Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise 2018

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Deep ruby colored, ripened red Berries on the nose and moist forest scents, round and fleshy body lead by red and black currant, cranberry with a great tannic structure and a lingering finish. A stunning vintage! Vegan wine: using only minerals (diatomaceous earth) for finning. Natural fermentation. Only sold by Celerier's Cellar in the USA.

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35 years old
Certified HVE scheduled for 2021. Pruning Guyot single done by hand, Sarment (twig) are chipped into organic nutriment for the soil. Mechanical plowing on 1 row out of 2. No weedkiller. Disbudding, leaf removal and trimming by hand. Mechanical and Hand harvest. Sustainable agriculture.
Sorting, destemming and vating by gravity. Separation of musts in different stainless steel vats to segment each parcel to keep individual unique qualities. Dry ice pre fermentation for 5 days then alcoholic fermentation while altering few pumping over and gentle treading. After 2-3 weeks, once the alcoholic fermentation is done, the juice is put in stainless steel tank for 10 months in order to achieve a complete malolactic fermentation. Before bottle, blend of the best parcels. Earth filtration and finning with diatomeus earth (veggan).The wine was bottled in August 2018.
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir
1,100 cases
2018 was another ideal vintage. A mild winter evolve into a cold February, with a stisfactory level of rain, to help the vines rest and replenish their water reserves. Spring was warm, with ideal conditions for a prompt and heatlhy vegetation. The warm weather extended to the summer to help the plant bear grapes at pick maturaty. It lead to intensive / reactive work labor to not expose the berries to overripeness. Concentrations are high. It was overall slightly dry, but an ideal vintage for Pinot Noir!
Cétes Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France
Clay and limestone at 250 meters heights

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