Jerôme Benoit

Mas des Flauzieres, Cuvée Julien, Séguret 2018

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An intense concentration of flavors, medium to full-bodied, ripe, sweetly fruited beauty with notes of white pepper, violet and light wooden spices, topped with blue, black and dark berries jams. Simply outstanding! Natural fermentation. Vegan wine: using only minerals (diatomaceous earth) for finning. Only Celerier's Cellar sells this wine in the USA. 

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20 to 30 years old
Certified HVE (sustainable agriculture). Pruning Gobelet for Syrah and Cordon de Royat for Grenache done by hand, all short for smaller yeild and bring more natural concentration. Cane shipped on site to turn into nautral fertilizer. Plowing both mechanical and by hand. Tying up, disbudding and leaves removal done by hand and adapted. No green harvest. Minimal to no intervention thanks to the heavy work done by hand and good aeration brought by Mistral wind. Hand and mechanical harvest.
Destemmed and pressed. Traditional maceration and natural acoholic fermentation with indigineous yeast for 21 days at 25°: cap-punching twice a day in open vats, daily pump over. Stactic settling. Malolactic fermentaion in 4-5-6 wine french oak barrels for 18 month. Clarified with diatomeus earth and bottled.
Red blend
Grenache 70%, Syrah 30%
1,400 cases
Rhône Valley
The winter 2017-2018 was warm, but the rain helped the plants replenished their reserve. March 2018 was hot and show signs of early blooming. Fortunately, Jérôme had just invested in two weather stations and this investment paid off right away: from mid-April until mid-June, it was consistently raining. This usually brings a lot of problematics such as mildew (fungus). He was able to be very reactive and prevent the spread off any disease with organic compounds. After this stressful spring came an outstanding summer. It was hot and dry to a point where it turned into a lasting drought. Since the plants and soils were loaded with water, they could sustain and make the best out of this challenging climate. Fruits reached pick maturity and a high level of concentration. A healthy, highly intense, and lush vintage: exceptional!
Southern Rhône Valley, France
Single plot terroir located at the highest altitude of Seguret AOP (480 meters). Rocky marl-limestone dry ideal for red wine.

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