At Celerier's Cellar, we believe in simply sharing the best wines on the planet with our clients. We do much of our work "old school" and that means working hands on with the best French wineries and vineyards to offer a folio of hand-selected, fine French wines.

You will find the best French growers at represented here at Celerier's Cellar, and that translates into our wine list that up until recently, would only be available to professionals and the finest restaurants in the United States. Now these curated French wines are available to you, at Celerier's Cellar online.

You can find good French wine production in almost every region of France (although the North coast doesn’t have as favorable conditions as the rest of the country). Most people associate wine in France with the famous French wine regions of Champagne, Bordeaux and even Burgundy and these are considered some of the best wines in the world. However, there are so many other amazing wine areas in France that shouldn’t be overlooked during your wine travel. At Celerier's Cellar, you will find everything you need to know about French Wine, tips for starting your very own wine cellar, wine tasting and details of the different types of French wine.

Our Story

Matthieu Celerier was born in Bordeaux, France, and raised on the left bank close to the famous estate of Chateau Haut-Brion (Pessac Leognan). He spent his youth between the Graves and the Medoc, along with family members and friends who worked in famous Chateaux. He grew up practicing diligently sports while always showing a great interest in fine cuisine. He started to learn how to pair wine with food as it was a natural routine in his family. Former Judo teacher and international athlete with a master degree in finance, Matthieu dedicated his first business venture to his first passion, the sport, as a post-rehab personal trainer. He was working in team with medical staff. On his days off, he would sneak out of Paris in order to discover new wineries with friends and family. Matthieu enjoyed the similarities between making wine and Judo as it takes for both decades of practices to achieve a pleasant result. And to go even further, we grasp the fact that there's always room to grow! When his wife Maggie was talked into becoming an agent for the vintners they knew, Matthieu advised her to start her own import and distribution instead. Few month after, motivated by family reason, they moved to the USA and teamed up to operate a “soon to become” successful “petite boutique” selection.

Margaret (Maggie) was born in Easton, PA. She grew up on the border of PA and NJ with a Lebanese father and Italian mother. Her family operated a beer distribution for 3 generations, based in Allentown, PA. Cooking and beverage were central as both a family time and a time to share, socialize and enjoy life. After graduating with a bachelor of marketing and management, she worked in the fashion industry for 15 years, managing sales for both retail and wholesale in major companies such as Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera in New York City. Her career lead her to travel the world, working in all major cities and enjoy local cuisine, notorious restaurants and beverages. These experiences brought her a significant knowledge related to food that she always enjoyed recreating when cooking. At this point, Maggie was offered an opportunity to work in Paris, France and moved there. She happened to cross glass with Matthieu, her future husband, and moved with him, enjoying a French “vie en rose”. She was able to discover and meet with vintners in their wineries of Bordeaux, visiting vineyards and learning about the local process and products. Overtime, bounds were created and some farmers voiced an interest in trying to export their wine while feeling that they don’t trust the big brokers or importers to properly represent them. Although, discussion started first as working with them as a free agent to find US importer, Maggie soon created her company with the mindset to do the import. Few month after, Maggie and Matthieu naturally started to work together and move to the US.

When Matthieu and Maggie moved to the United States, they decided that the winery they aimed to work with, would not be marketable with retail stores since many of the retailers did not have a local rating or any established recognition in the United States. Both being restaurant lovers, they followed their passion and focused their business on the restaurant industry, given restaurant owners are often savvy when it comes to a great wine and they understand the value of a wine based on its flavor profile and food compatibility, not their cost or rating. Maggie and Matthieu were fortunate enough to parlez their passion to a level of success that allowed them in roughly six months, to end up working with over a hundred restaurants. Matthieu covering sales and marketing, while Maggie handled all logistics and the Celerier’s Cellar’s operations. Recently, they invested in Arnaud Boué, believing in his up and coming potential as one of the premier wine makers in France – and the focus paid off, as Arnaud Boué’s first-time ratings ended up being extremely good – and yet another hand-picked, boutique French vineyard that comprise a wonderful set of products from select French producers.

Simply put, we value family, trust and feed off our passion and the passion of the vineyards, and the families that make all this possible. We hope you share in our love of wine and passion – and look forward to hearing from you!