Celerier's Cellar is no doubt passionate about the best French wine, that the country has to offer -- but we also appreciate those who partner with us to make this all possible. The following are some of our valued partners...


The more a vine struggles for water, the deeper the roots must dig – a fundamental for creating complex wines. Where heritage and the vine intertwine, Deep Roots Imports focuses on supporting small, family producers who have devoted their lives appreciating their land and showcase wines that hold true characteristic complexities from their ancient soils.  We take special interest in finding vintners who focus on producing expressive wines that are representative of their land, varietal correctness and produced in a sustainable way to protect their terroir for future generations. We take pride in our European wines that keeps people and the environment in mind. 



Raised in Philadelphia, my love for European wines began whilst growing up in a robust Italian and German household. From my family’s restaurant roots, to becoming a Certified Sommelier, starting my own wine bar, then later, moving to Los Angeles – my experiences only further cultivated my immense passion for the grape and its vintners. Deep Roots Imports was solidified when I met my fellow business partner, Matthieu Celerier, as we embarked on a journey scouting vineyards throughout France’s robust regions. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in showcasing the beautiful wines, made by extraordinary producers, that we are inspired by every day. In the future, we look forward to discovering further gems, from Italy and beyond.



RDK Interactive specializes in web application development, website design, ecommerce solutions, online business strategy, along with guerrilla marketing and a wide scope of information technology (IT) services. We are approaching 30 years in business and still lovin' the game! As with all of our client solutions, we focus on our uncommon "creative-conceptual" approach -- which has led to earning honors such as the Webby Award, W3 Gold award, and most importantly, high praise from our clients. Partnering with Celerier's Cellar has been a passionate and highly rewarding experience and we look forward to a bright future moving forward!