Domaine de la Tour

Athena, Tour de Gatigne Rose 2023

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Pink pale color, expressive and aromatic nose. Dry palate, mineral, very refreshing and elegant with a little hint of strawberry. Vegan wine: using plant based compound and tangential filtration for finning.

20 years old
Cane pruning "Guyot" done by hand for better aeration and sun exposition, vines trellised vertically on 4 wires, topping 3 to 4 times to prevent plant depletion, mechanical plowing and weeding (no synthetic product), organic manure, biodiversity by replanting trees and plants to complement and reenforce natural defenses (uses of four leaves clover), organic farming techniques. Mechanical harvest.
Mechanical harvest, grapes are destemmed then pressed as to extract the juice. The juice is placed in a thermo regulated Stainless steel tank at low temperature for hours, and then we clear the juice by settling; particles go down to the bottom of the tank, then we take them out. The alcoholic fermentation can start, the yeast eat all the sugar as to create alcohol. All steps uses nitrogen in order to keep freshness and lower the amount of sulfites.
Grenache 70%, Syrah 30%
8,000 cases
2023 was another challenging vintage. After a warm winter, the vines started to grow early in the season. A major hailstorm devastated many vineyards in the region. While many farmers lost their harvest, Tour de Gatigne was able to avoid it. Spring was unfortunately rainy and allowed mildew to be very potent. Tour de Gatigne lost a significant part of their harvest with this issue. Summer that followed brought a severe drought which, once again, caused us to lose a good part of the harvest. Despite these challenges, the stressful conditions allowed the wines to grow naturally concentrated grapes. The quality is very high, the yield small.
IGP Cevennes, Languedoc, France
clay limestone

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