Christophe Terrigeol

Domaine De La Margotterie, Pineau des Charentes 10 years old

Dessert and Fortified
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With an unique amber-colored, the Vieux Pineau Blanc de la Margotterie will carry you through a farandole of dried fruits like prunes, walnuts or even more hazelnuts. Moreover, it will remind you your childhood as offering you subtle tastes of honey and gingerbread. But overall, it will express you an unrivaled harmony which is the symbol of the patience for waiting 10 years and the dogged and fulfilled work. We advise to serve it fresh during an aperitif, but it will also fit perfectly with white fishes or strong chesses.

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5 to 25 years old
Certified HVE, mechanical plowing on 1 row out of 2 to stress the vines to grow their roots in deeper layers of sediments. No weedkiller. Biodiversity. Sustainable agriculture with little intervention, completely adapted to each vintage. Use of only organic compounds. Pruning by hand, harvest done by hand and mechanical.
Whether it is Pineau or Cognac, the vinification starts the same way : direct press on full cluster to prevent oxydation coming along heavy must. Pineaux are then decanted to skim heavy particules in order to obtain finer fortified wine. Cognac goes by a quick fermentation to be distilled twice after 2 month following the harvest. This is key to prevent any issue for preservation. These first brandy are aged in oak barrel (10% new oak) for Cognac (a portion is used to fortified the Pineaux) and 15 to 20 yars old barreld for Pineaux to allow oxidation-reduction and is a signature to the Terrigeol's Pineau.
Ugni Blanc, Colombard
420 cases
Vintage does not affect Cognac as it is a twice distilled brandy. It is a work of vinfication and aging that requires dedication and patience. For Pineau, it is important that all fruits are sane without rot. While it could be a perect substitu for noble rot dessert wine (Sauternes, Juranôon), it requires the opposite conditions. The brandy is blended with the fresh wine and this duet does not give room for another element : as for Cognac, it is work of art and long labor.
Charentes, France
Clay limestone soil. Close to the Atlantic Ocean shore, oceanic climate with high igrometrie yet with very good airing. Ideal set up for optimal maturity of grapes.
10 years old

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