Famille Deliance

Domaine Deliance, Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Reserve

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Tasted blind, you'd be forgiven for confusing this with Champagne. It is truly excellent, with beautiful balance, elegance and buckets of zesty freshness, with that refreshment factor underscored by appealing richness and depth.

10 to 60 years old
Certified HVE. Plowing, pruning and harvest done by hand (also mandatory of method champenoise wine). Consistent yield control by pruning off unnsatisfying cluster to concentrate nutriments for better quality. Minimal to no sysnthetic product with goal to stop them. Biodiversty. Harvested ahead of the still wines. The collection must be carried out at peak ripeness for perfect balance between acidity and freshness. bursting and maceration of the berries is avoided, and accordingly, the oxidation of the juice
Full cluster pressed with a pneumatic press. No skin contactSkim off the first 1% to avoided unwanted yeast. Juice's Alcoholic fermentation under consistent surveillance to hit specific parameters. When the malolactic fermentation occurs, the wine goes through this stage, aged on its lees, throughout the winter. Cuvee are then blended and then bottled with the traditional champagne yeast for last fermetnation that will create the bubbles. It will last 18 month. Then, the bottles are riddled so the racking happens for disgorging them.Before the final cork is put, Julien add a secret liqueur (family recipe) to adjust the taste.
Pinot noir 50%, Chardonnay 25%, Aligote 25%
830 cases
The warm Winter prevented the soil to refill enough moist and set up the stage for a dry spring. Coming May, a lasting drought took place, followed by a very hot and dry weather in June. This created an opposite effect on the plant that went dormant due to exhaustion, stopping the maturing of the fruits. It resulted with problematic tannins, that stopped maturing while it started so well early in the season. 30% to 40% yield was lost, but the quality was very high. Although the thick skin could have been a real problematic for other vintners, The Deliance family applied his signature finesse technique to make sure that he brings forth complexity and the terroirs, instead of a simplistically heavy approach. Harvest by hand early thanks to an early maturity of the fruits. A rare vintage that can be both consumed now and chave a long aging potential thanks to the ideal level of acidity.
Côtes Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France
Multiple parcels in Givry, mostly Clay and limestone stone, some with bedrocks of limestone, some others more clay with light rocks.
Non Vintage

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