Gilles Tamagnan

Domaine des Pierrettes, Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley, 2020

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The ideal wine for Chinon and Bourgueil afficionados. Only produced on good vintage, the Cabernet Franc in 2020 were at peak maturity. The scents and flavors are generous and balanced, with ripened dark fruits, perfectly integrated earthy aromas, silky tannins, and a lingering light-medium to medium body. A stunning complex yet approachable, and enjoyable, experience! Vegan wine: using diatomaceous earth (mineral based compound) for finning. Organic by French standard, and HVE certified. Only sells this wine in the U.S.

10-20 years old
HVE certified winery, in biological conversion. Natural irrigation, no wartering or water retention system. Winter pruning is done by hand, and is over by march. They apply the "one bra" cut, leaving 3 to 4 coursons maximum in order to keep lesser but better and bigger grapes. The wood cut stays between the rows and is crushed to favorize soil fertilization. The first trellising of vines is done in April. intensive weeds/grass cutting/grinding are being held until June/July. Since the Domaine is in Biological conversion, all treatments are certified natural. The fewer the better. In September, samples of fruits are tested to define which parcels are being harvested. The harvest is done by hand around mid-September in order to get the best grape sorting possible and avoid any harmful aroma in the wine.
Vinification in underground concrete tanks, allowing perfect temperature control. Fast and direct fermentation, and three-weeks of maceration, with gentle extraction. This allows the wine to be fruitier with a tanic gentle tanic structure.
Cabernet Franc
400 cases
Loire Valley
The 2020 vintage was a particularly good year in the Loire valley. Good weather came late in the year, allowing the vines to be protected from late frost since they were not grown too early. Summer was hot with just the right amount of rain, allowing a great vintage both in quality and in quantity.
Loire Valley
Clay-with-flint. The soil is filled with lots of small stones, giving their name to the Domaine des Pierrettes

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