Martin Clerc

Domaine Martin Clerc, Côte Rôtie Collet 2016

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Aromas of black and red fruits, pepper, mineral, light spices. Rich Flavors of black fruits, light pepper and mineral. Delicate soft tannins. Structured, intense and lingering.

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21 years old
HVE Certified. Sustainable agriculture. Inputs on vines sigificantly under requirements. Plowing and mowing done mechanically and by hand. Gobelet pruning technic. Vines are set on stakes. Every labor is done by hand. Disbudding in May ; tiyng up the vines in May and June ; removal of Entre-Coeur and trimming in June and early July to let the sun work on the fruits. It limits the retention of humidity and prevent against fungus and diseases (Mildiou, Oidium, Black Rot, Botrytis). Harvest entirely done by hand
Harvest destemmed at 90% (10% full cluster), light treading before putting in stainless steel vats. Cold Maceration (dry ice) for 4 days to prevent contaminations. Alcoholic fermentation for 10 days with indigineous yeats (natural fermentation). Post maceration of 4 days. Pumping over, cap punching and/or rack and return depending on tasting.Malo lactic fermentation with natural yeast. Devatted after 20 days to be put back in vat for another 15 days to finish malo lactic fermentation. Transfert in French oak barrel (30% new) for a 15 month aging.
250 cases
Rhône Valley
2016 is an excellent vintage with a late maturity. The budburst of the vines happened 10 days after the one from previous year, so were the harvest. Nonetheless, the humity level and interaction with the sun made this vintage very healthy: no disease, perfect condition for minimal to no intervention. The vinification were under monitored wihtout any complication to give an excellent vintage once again. Bottled in March 2018.
Côte Rôtie, Northern Rhône Valley, France
Gneisse soil (powdered limestone), rocky upper layer ground. South East exposition. Located in the southern part of Tupin village. Steep slop, hand made terraces. 1.70 hectares, 7,500 vines per hectares.

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