Pierre Barbe

Font Merlet, Cremant Rose de Bordeaux

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The partnership between Raphael (Chateau Croix de Roche, our previous cremant rose – estate unfortunately sold now) and Pierre Barbe (owner of Chateau Font Merlet) brings this new fantastic Crémant to life. A Gorgeous light Champagne Pink color. Scents of Crisps Red currant and berries with tones of minerals. The palate is impressive: the fresh and mineral flavors remind of Blanc de Blanc Champagne Rose. The crips minerality dominates the experience with a refreshing acidity coming from red berries and notes of white peach. This experience is lingering: a very satisfying one! HVE certified. Only sold by Celerier's Cellar in the USA.

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30 years old
Certified HVE. Double Guyot pruning, no disbudding for the selected Crémant parcel, no green harvest, leaves removal nonsystematic. Mechanical plowing 1 row out of two, grass on 1 row out of 2, Density of 5,000 vines per hectares for stress (2x more than Bordeaux Superieur and like Médoc, stress the vine to push them to grow roots deeper for better nutriments). Treatment far lower than HVE requirements, no CMR synthetic. Parcel selection of young and abundant vines: the specificity of farming for crémant is looking for a bigger yield to provide more acidic grapes. Fully pruned and harvested by hand as per tradition of champagne method wine. Very early harvest to keep sugar content low and acidity high: harvest done when projected alcohol content is 10 to 11%.
Destemmed when harvested, Vertical press and juices collected by gravity. Removal of the first percentage of volume to extract bloom (it deteriorates the quality of bubbles, making them thicker and less refined). Selection of first and second juice. Double settling. Cold Alcoholic fermentation at 18° in concrete tank. Second fermentation for six months in the career of Saint Emilion. Aged an extra 18 months on its thin lees before disgorging. 7g/liter.
500 cases
Bordeaux, France
2 parcel : Montussan village, clay and gravel on top of a clay and limestone soile. Verres Village, famous "Gravel of Verres" fine gravel from Jurassic time.
Non Vintage

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