Domaine de la Tour

La Tour de Gatigne Merlot 2022

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Scents of dark berries, nutmeg and black pepper. Flavors of dark berries and earthy along with delicate and soft tannins. A true expression of a Mediterranean Merlot. Currently only sold by in the USA.

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20 years old
Spur pruning "Cordon" done by hand for better aeration and sun exposition, vines trellised vertically on 4 wires, topping 3 to 4 times to prevent plant depletion, mechanical plowing and weeding (no synthetic product), organic manure, biodiversity by replanting trees and plants to complement and reenforce natural defenses (uses of four leaves clover), organic farming techniques. Mechanical harvest.
Grapes destemmed and crushed then let in a concrete tank for the fermentation with the skin to get color and aromas. Then we take off the solid part (settling) and press it to extract more colors, aromas and tannins. A part of this second juice will be added to the tank containing the first juice. All steps uses nitrogen in order to keep freshness and lower the amount of sulfites.
4,000 cases
The humid 2022 winter allowed the soil to replenish partially its reserve, but enough to face the long-lasting drought and multiple heat waves of the summer. Everything seems fine in Spring, when the dry and warm weather setups the perfect conditions to prevent naturally any diseases. The challenge came later, when the multiple heat waves of July and August, cumulating to the drought, prevented the grapes from fully ripe. The vine defends itself by keeping the nutrients to itself, stopping the maturation of the berries. It ended up being a very technical vintage as each individual parcel and plot needed different cares and paces. Tour de Gatigne farming skills shone brightly this year: they made 2022 an exceptional vintage!
IGP Cevennes, Languedoc, France
clay limestone

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