Arnaud Boue

Maison Arnaud Boue, Corton Les Renardes Grand Cru, 2018

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Smoky, bold, and wildly elegant, This Corton Les Renardes is meant to be appreciated at a comfy pace. Slowly opening, it delivers intense and complex aromas of cherry and spices (cloves, cinnamon and many more) in its youth, while evolving in a stunning fashion over time. The complexity of the experience is too unique to describe, such as the long lasting flavors on your palate. A definite collector masterpiece!
Over 50 years old
Sustainable Farming. Organic treatments, no Synthetic product. Only use of copper and sulfur. Plowing, pruning and harvests done entirely by hand.
25 to 50% full cluster. Use of small amount dry ice to prevent oxydation through the process of Alcoholic fermentation. this first step is done done in stainless steel opened vat. All fermentations are natural with indigeneous yeast. Feet pigeage everyday with light remontage. Malo lactic fermentation in Oak barrel for 2-3 months and aged an extra 15 to 18 months in it. into oak barrel for a full Malo lactic fermentation. 12 to 15 month.
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir
25 cases
The warm Winter prevented the soil to refill enough moist and set up the stage for a dry spring. Coming May, a lasting drought took place, followed by a very hot and dry weather in June. This created an opposite effect on the plant that went dormant due to exhaustion, stopping the maturing of the fruits. It resulted with problematic tannins, that stopped maturing while it started so well early in the season. 30% to 40% yield was lost, but the quality was very high. Although the thick skin could have been a real problematic for other vintners, Arnaud applied his signature finesse technique to make sure that he brings forth complexity and the terroirs, instead of a simplistically heavy approach. Harvest by hand early thanks to an early maturity of the fruits. A rare vintage that can be both consumed now and chave a long aging potential thanks to the ideal level of acidity.
Côte de Beaune, Bourgogne, France
Gentle slope beneficiating from the best Southern-East exposition, unique geology with a complex iron/clay/limestone upper part from the Jurassic time, mediumly deep and stony, marked by wide-layered clay. Surrounded by les Bressandes et Clos du Rois, Les Renardes is a fantastic terroir that has the best “cellar” aging potential from the Corton Grand Cru appellation, due to its resilience to oxidation.

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