Remy et Luc Bayon de Noyer

Remy et Luc Bayon de Noyer, Tradition Blanc, Cotes du Rhone 2022

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The color is seducing: a delicate pale golden hay with light green reflections. The scents, led by aromas of white flowers, fresh orchard fruits, and minerals, are soothing and awaken the tastebuds. The palate is simply fantastic. Perfectly balanced, the complex flavors of white flowers, fresh stone fruits and nuts, with a crips minerality, intertwine in an outstanding lingering experience. Simply memorable! Certified Organic by France’s standards. Vegan Wine, using tangential filtration for finning. Only sold by Celerier’s Cellar in the US. 

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25 years old
Certified Organic by French standard. Double Cordon de Royat pruning in winter, 5 to 6 chandelles per vines, 2 buds per Chandelles which is a quarter less than traditional requirements (optimize natural concentration of nutriments with lower yield). Little ridging entry of winter and unearthing early in Spring. The grass is grown both naturally and seeded in 1 row out of 2. There is no plowing to leave a bed of hay to help mechanical work in the vineyard. It is also a natural protection against erosion. In spring, Grass is only cut around the vine base via inter vine hoes to gently plow their superficial roots and stress them to grow deeper ones. Density 4,000 vines per hectare (sand is poor in nutrients and is a natural challenge, no need for higher density), pruning of the superficial twigs (epamprage) by hand, but due to climate change and higher temperature, no need to remove leaves to keep the grapes in the shade and keep freshness in the wines. Disbudding and levelling done by hand in the Spring. Fully hand harvest with the newest technology that allows reactive and swift harvests in the best condition such as cold morning. All is set for waiting until the last minute to harvest at peak maturity in cold conditions. The harvest lasts for a long time (6 days), starting by the varietal with earliest maturity to last.
Full cluster to optimize gentle pressure so stems absorb part of it. Pneumatic press, tank are divided by grape varietal depending on the order of reception (usually finish with Grenache Blanc) and covered with Dry ice: this prevents any off flavor or external contamination. After this, the juices are combined to start the Alcoholic fermentation. This step lasts 15 days in thermos-regulated stainless-steel vats, maintained at 17°C (temperatures may vary a bit depending on the monitoring and the evolution of aromatics). No Malolactic fermentation to keep freshness and acidity while preventing any off flavored aromatic from Malolactic. After this phase, the cooling of the tank to 10°C settles the lees and leads to the racking. This phase’s objective is to only keep Lees fines in the wine to build a body to it. When reaching the right aromatic profile and viscosity, the wine goes into a tangential filtration to sanitize and prevent bacteria from starting off flavor or Malolactic fermentation. Following up, the wine will rest for a month to be bottled in January or February. Vegan wine.
Grenache Blanc
60% Grenache blanc, 20% Marsanne,10% Rousanne 10% Viognier
1,650 cases
Cotes du Rhone
2022 belongs to a fantastic line of superb vintage, like 2015 through 2020. The winter 2021-2022 started with stressful conditions. It was warm and dry. March 2020 was hot and show signs of early blooming. Fortunately, the parcel “La Remise”, and its sandy terroirs, offered natural drainage and shade from the natural Clos to prevent the vines from suffering from water shortage. In contrast to the sunbaked days, the region experienced cool nights to help regulate the vines’ temperatures and retain acidity. The slightly windy weather also helped reduce fungal disease pressure, leading to excellent sanitary conditions at harvest time. After this stress-free spring came an outstanding summer. It was hot and dry to a point where it turned into a lasting drought. Since the plants and soils were sustained with water, they made the best out of this challenging climate. Fruits reached pick maturity and a high level of balance acidity/concentration. A healthy, highly qualitative, and balanced vintage: outstanding!
Southern Rhone Valley
Single vineyard, parcel "La Remise", naturally protected from the mistral. 4 hectares made of an upper layer of sand (28in deep) on top of Safres bedrock (made of two categories of materials: heterogenous cemented sandstones from the Miocene age (end of the Tertiary) alternating with marly banks). This terroir provides an excellent natural drainage and prevents the vines from suffering from drought. It also helps the vines grow their roots very deeply and easily reach the bedrock and its water reserve. The natural meadows, shaped around the estate like a little Clos, protect naturally from the external climate challenges (like the Mistral).

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