Stephane Guillemin

Domaine Creusserome, Macon Peronne, Château de Peronne, 2021

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A golden hay colored wine with an interesting bouquet that offers fragrance of white flowers and orchard fruits, hints of minerals and yellow fruits. Vegan wine: using plant based compound for finning. A fantastic price for a wine sold $20 average in the US. 

50 years old
Certified HVE. Tye up vines in fall, Guyot simple arched pruning in winter starting November, mechanical plowing, gass maintain between each row to stress roots to grow deeper, putting back dirt that was drained down the hillside, reset wire and stakes, plowing (April May), non systematic preventive organic treatments in Spring (very low dosage Bordeaux mixture), debudding for optimizing yield quality, trimming of the top (non systematic), leave the leaves to prevent grappes from overheat, mechanical harvest.
Fully destemmed and pressed, clarification and settling by gravity for 12 hours, only and single pump over then put in stainless steel tank for alcoholic fermentation at 20Cô max for 2 month (very long), systematic Malolactic fermentation for 3 weeks, rest on fine lees for 10 month average, blending, earth filtration (diatoms), Vegan filtered.
615 cases
After multiple warm/hot vintage, 2021 brought back “normal” conditions to create one of the best vintages for Domaine Stephane Guillemin. After a terrible start in the Spring (April) when 40% of vineyards were hit by frostbite, the cooler summer was ideal to let the minerality of the terroir shine. While 2021 was overall a vintage that won’t be remembered in France, it will be a fantastic one for White Burgundy.
Macon, Bourgogne, France
Unique parcel made of limestone and clay. High concentration of minerals due to a natural water source passing thourgh the parcel draining a very rich soil.

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