Jerôme Benoit

Mas des Flauzieres, Secret du Roc 2020

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The best collector wine from Mas des Flauzieres, made with the purest form of craft for the wine world: integral vinification in barrel for 24 months. This mellow full-bodied beauty shows an incredible array of flavors and aromatics: violet, blue and dark berries, licorice, dried spices, vanilla, over a core of cherry fruit. The palate goes on and on and on, lingering, velvety, and evolving. A delicacy that will benefit from aging in your cellar. Natural fermentation. Vegan wine: using only minerals (diatomaceous earth) for finning. Only 50 cases produced. Only sold by in the USA.

50 to 70 years old
Very small yield (8hl/ha), lower than biodynamic wineries. Certified HVE (sustainable agriculture). Pruning Gobelet for Syrah and Cordon de Royat for Grenache, Mourvedre done by hand, all short for smaller yeild and bring more natural concentration. Cane shipped on site to turn into nautral fertilizer. Plowing both mechanical and by hand. Tying up, disbudding and leaves removal done by hand and adapted. No green harvest. Minimal to no intervention thanks to the heavy work done by hand and good aeration brought by Mistral wind. Hand and mechanical harvest.
The most technical and challenging craft for wine: Integral vinification in barrel! Fruits are destemmed and pressed in the barrel where maceration happens. After pressing and removing the must, the natural alcoholic fermentation, done with indigenous yeast, takes over the process followed by the Malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels for 24 months. Clarified with diatomaceous earth and bottled. Vegan wine. Only 2 barrel maximum are released per vintage. The purest of the purest form of craft for the wine world.
Mourvedre 90%, Grenache 10%
50 cases
Rhône Valley
2020 belongs to a fantastic line of superb vintage, like 2015 through 2019. The winter 2019-2020 was warm, but the rain helped the plants replenished their reserve. March 2020 was hot and show signs of early blooming. Fortunately, Jérôme had just invested in two weather stations in 2018 and this investment paid off again: from mid-April until mid-June, In contrast to the sun-baked days, the region experienced cool nights to help regulate the vines temperatures and retain acidity. The slightly windy weather also helped reduce fungal disease pressure, leading to excellent sanitary conditions at harvest time. After this stress free spring came an outstanding summer. It was hot and dry to a point where it turned into a lasting drought. Since the plants and soils were loaded with water, they could sustain and make the best out of this challenging climate. Fruits reached pick maturity and a high level of concentration. A healthy, highly intense, and lush vintage: outstanding!
Southern Rhône Valley, France
Terroirs on hillside with a South Western exposition located on the side of Dentelles de Montmirailles. Terroirs of sandy marl, massive bituminous limestone and sandy iron clay from Oligocene tertiary age (23 to 33 millions years ago). Oldest wines of Mourvedre and Grenache from the terroir of Four Danuga uphill parcel.

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